Športni sektor v notranjosti zveze WFF bo doprinesel velik korak naprej tako v tehnično-organizacijskih okvirih kot tudi za posameznike, ki v njih delujejo v različnih šolah, kar je velikega pomena za rast športnega karateja v svetu, da bi sčasoma združili vse tradicionalne in športne načine vadbe ter tako ustvarili eno samo veliko družino.

Board of directores

Presidente WFF Sport

Roberto De Luca

Message from the president,

Dear friends, Presidents and Technicians,

Only after my appointment, in the board of the WFF, I changed my habits according to the requirements deriving from the international federal office, where I still extend my thanks for the trust entrusted from founder Soke Prof. Ilia Jorga, who with clever foresight at to the sports sector in the WFF, to meet all these stresses of karate, is deliberately composed as a multi-sector, entirely dedicated to karate, traditional-sports-contact, as evidence of commitment to absolute dedication to guarantee tradition and sport.

Therefore in the World Fudokan Federation, (WFF) not only tradition, also sport, open to all styles. Let’s not forget that world karate for different reasons, suffered continuous travails so the problems of this sport machine are daily and innumerable but fortunately I have at my side the General Manager Vitaliano Morandi and the General Secretary Carlos Dias who actively collaborate for the WFF- SPORT.

Initially I searched, contacting and touring all over the world to be a present President; I participated in many events and seminars but, above all, I was able to listen to the most disparate problems, very different from country to country, giving the maximum willingness to talk and I tried to recover complex relationships with everyone. The sports sector in the interior of the Fudokan Federation will bring a big step forward both in the framework for the technical-organizational frameworks and for the figures working in them, and in the technical assistance for the growth of sports karate in the World, with the ambition to bring together, over time, all the specialties of traditional, sporting and contact, thus creating a single large family.

Large margins of numerical and qualitative development will emerge from the activity of competitions, seminars-and-socio-cultural-meetings.

Today there is a different reality in the communication to be managed because the news travels in a few seconds, the times have evolved faster than people, I am personally striving to give transparency and immediate information, and the WFF-SPORT structure is now organized for be in the race with the times. The current political situation does not facilitate the task of our Federation sports sector, for the simple reason that currently all world organizations want to build a better karate, entrust our children with a simpler world, easier rules, technicians, referees, judges more prepared. But fortunately the facts count …

Politics is important but should not prevaricate sport, competition, many innovative ideas for common growth could bring significant changes that require, however, the will and courage to face them, collaboration and-time-to-be-acquired.

On the other hand we know that every change arouses fear!

To conclude, with the serenity of having started to give the WFF-SPORT valid guidelines that with some changes on the practical and organizational side, will lead over the years substantial growth and progress.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the attention and offer the best greetings and good karate.

Rome 13 June 2018